Researchers: Spinal Stimulation Restores Some Function for Paralyzed Men

Frequently, traumatic brain injuries are accompanied by related damage to the spinal cord and/or central nervous system. These spinal cord injuries are more immediately recognizable on routine testing performed in Emergency Rooms, such as MRs or CT scans. Thus, they often become the focus of immediate treatment plans, particularly given that mild traumatic brain injuries are less easily detected in the acute emergency setting and often take months or years to manifest all of their insidious symptoms. Spinal cord injuries, like injuries to the brain, come in varying degrees of damage and each present their own host of difficulties in the diagnosis, treatment, and related management of pain and suffering. There is now some very exciting news in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. Please read this article:

Source: Stimulation restores some function for 4 paralyzed men (USA Today)

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